The Versus Project:

The Versus Project is a collaborative effort between Brandon Nilo & Devin Downey of Unlimited Auto Craft & Title Sponsor, Us Versus Them.

Our purpose is to transform a USDM 2007 Subaru WRX and build one of the most distinct time attack STi's ever seen on the road or track.

Additionally, we will be using the vehicle itself as an intermediary of self-expression through representation of brands and companies we personally believe in.

Follow us on tumblr to see our progress on this project, and stay tuned for upcoming builds we have in store.

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Special Thanks:
Ferdie Ang
James Banuelos
Cyle Chislock
Dave Forman
Mike Glory
Joann Janchoi
Ponce Nilo
Graham Nystrom
Mike Pankratz
David Rosales
David Vo
Jeremy Wilson